About Us

goal of the Frozen & Refrigerated Food Council of NC (FRFCNC) is to promote the sales of frozen and refrigerated foods by educating consumers on the quality, freshness and convenience of frozen and refrigerated foods, to return value to our manufacturers, and increase sales for our retailers.


Local associations, like FRFCNC, play a significant role for National Frozen and Refrigerated Association (NFRA), helping to unite the industry and engage communities at a more grass-roots level.


NFRA's three national retail promotions set the standard by which all food promotional efforts are measured and help lead the industry to success. With a goal to drive more consumers to the refrigerated and frozen aisles and increase sales across all categories, the broad reach of these promotions engages consumers to learn more and experience the products these aisles have to offer.


Contact Information

We welcome any input, suggestions, or ideas from you on our association, programs, or website.  Please feel free to email us.


Joe D’Alberto (704) 650-0474, jdalberto@carolina.rr.com
Advanced Marketing, Jill Porter (704) 548-0119, jillporter@carolina.rr.com

Postal address PO Box 599, Norwood, NC 28128



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